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The Ancient Apostolic Church

Have you been hurt by Church, or have you become disillusioned  
By your present ministry or Church? If so, please read on.

All are welcome to pursue a vocation within
The Ancient Apostolic Church
We are here to help you pursue your interest in church ministry or for you to lead a religious life.
Is God calling you in a special way?  

Pursuing a vocation is often a difficult road; we are here to help you in your discernment.
For many of us it is difficult to answer our call to serve God, many of us may have tried the traditional road
and may have been turned down. This can often leave us with the question of where to go next.
The Ancient Apostolic Church offers an alternative to those who cannot pursue their calling through more
what we call traditional Church.

The application process is not an easy one, it is designed to be a trying process.
Each candidate for Holy Orders through Ordination to the order of Deacon and Priest will be required to complete a program of preparation. This preparation will include required study in Holy Scripture, Sacramental, Moral, and Systematic Theology, Christology, Church history, Pastoral Care, etc. It will also require supervised ministry and personal spiritual development of the candidate.  

Minimum Requirements are
·Candidates for Deacon must be at least 21 years old, and have received the Sacraments of Christian Initiation.
·Candidates for elevation to priest must be at least 25 years old, have received the Sacrament of Holy Orders in the Order of Deacon and have received the Sacraments of Christian Initiation.
Duration of training Applicants for Holy Orders can expect to spend considerable time in preparation for ordination to facilitate both factual and academic training, and mutual discernment of the true Will of God for the candidate. The actual amount of time of preparation for each candidate is in the discretion of the College of Bishops having jurisdiction and will be influenced by a variety of factors.

Being Ordained, isn’t as simple as clicking a button
and filling out a form and being instantly Ordained.
It is all far to easy to become an ordained minister over
the internet and there are so many that will do this.
This within our movement is unethical.  

We offer the means to answer your calling within a valid ministry  with  true Apostolic succession.
We only ordain those who have a true calling to serve In Ministry.
With the assistance of the Director of Vocations, a candidate for the priestly formation program engages in the following process

Completion of the "confidential" application form.
You must provide at least two photos which must be countersigned.

An interview to be conducted either in person or via Skype depending on location

An Essay detailing your spiritual calling
A complete C.V.

Any certificates of ordination and qualifications.

A second interview conducted either in person or via Skype. During this interview we will discuss what you wish to achieve.

Copies of Copy of Baptismal, First Communion, and Confirmation Certificates where applicable. No one will be denied a vocation in the absence of these.

A criminal records check

At least 6 references. One of which may be a supporting partner or family member

A short exam or an essay may be given

Evidence must be given of a present ministry or the willingness to form one.

On completion of the above and upon approval you will be admitted as a Cleric and a Seminarian.

All positions offered are non stipendiary

Meaning that all applicants must be financially self-sufficient. Applicants may be (self) employed or in a position where there Parishes are able to support them.
Clergy are not required to be celibate, married and single men alike are welcome to apply. There is no bar to marriage post ordination to any of the degrees of Holy Orders. All clergy are required to be chaste i.e. faithful to their partner, or modest in the development of their personal relationships. Celibacy remains an option for clergy i.e. to remain single and chaste, and many of our clergy live such a consecrated life.  
Those seeking incardination must contact the Presiding Bishop of the given Jurisdiction. Those who incardinated must go through a period of Probation.

Ancient Apostolic Church 2021
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