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Holy Matromony

Sacramental services

We are able offer a range of wedding services
tailored for the individual couple. We can offer a  
fully religious service down to a toned down service
which may only include a few prayers and or blessings
we offer both the Anglican rite and the  
Catholic rite of Marriage.

UK marriage laws are thus:-

Often couples see that the laws surrounding their marriage restrict their hopes and dreams of their perfect wedding, this special occasion should be the highlight of their day and indeed their life. Because of past restrictions in the law in the U.K. the only way to get married was either in a Church or a registry office. This often led to the idea of a perfect wedding not being possible. Today however things have changes and if you follow the guidelines on the next few pages we are able to offer a wedding service tailored to your own requirements.

There are a number of alternative ways a couple using our services could arrange complete the legal formalities in which we can help explain these further by phone or by meeting us. If you have any questions we are here to help and advise.
Here I will describe which the most commonly chosen methods are.



THE CONTINENTAL APPROACH; The option that provides the greatest flexibility and choice.

As you may know, in many continental countries it is the normal procedure marriage register the marriage at the municipal building first and then later that day or on a subsequent day to hold the full wedding ceremony with family and friends In a church or wherever.

Therefore a couple arranging a wedding would book in, visit the Registry Office either on the same day as their planned wedding ceremony or, as most choose, on the day before, or during the week before the ceremony. This leaves their main day uncluttered.

They often attend the Registry Office with two witnesses only, who can be, but don't need to be, known to you, and sometimes no one else even knows this has happened. At the Registry Office they answer the mandatory legal questions and complete the documents. They do not exchange rings. The whole process is short and without particular significance to the couple.  

However It Is Important to be clear that the legal wedding takes place here at the Registry Office.

Not with standing this, the couple themselves regard their real and true wedding, and the one that most will observe In future years as their anniversary, as the day on which have taken their wedding

So in short the legal bit is done at the registry office
Or can be done at a venue which is licenced  

Our fees are competitive with other churches and celebrants
We offer a range of fees to cover all as we don’t refuse anyone due to financial circumstances.

Basic wedding fee is £150 + donation + travel Costs

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